1 to 6 persons

Min 2 nights

3 bedrooms

1 bathroom

2 toilets


Near the property

No meals served

Not allowed

Description of accommodation

We do not accept: Noisy celebrations and parties
Accommodation Jenny home has been welcoming MegaUbytovanie.sk guests since December 2018.

Room types

2x Dvojlôžková izba (Double Room)

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1x Dvojlôžková izba (Double Room)

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Price list

These are the lowest prices guaranteed by the accommodation provider without being raised by an external intermediary. Check it out and call the owner now. +421 9... show phone number

Calendar of possibly available dates

Last update: 2 days ago
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Facilities of the property and area

The maximum capacity:
6 persons
Minimum capacity:
1 osoba
Number of Bedrooms:
3 bedrooms
Minimum length of stay:
2 nights
Number of bathrooms:
1 bathroom
Number of WC:
2 toilets
Independent groups of guests:
in the object is possible to accommodate only one single group

1x Kitchen - shared (Electric oven, Ceramic hob, Microwave, Kettle, Fridge, Freezer, Coffeemaker, Dishwasher, Dining area, Pop-up toaster)


1x Dayroom - shared (TV, Cable TV, Couch, CD player, Radio, Terrace)

Bathrooms / toilets:

1x Bathroom with toilet - shared (Toilet, Shower, Washbasin, Wash machine, Bath, Drying rack for clothing, Towels)

1x Separate toilet - shared

Internet connection:
Yes, WiFi
Near the accommodation:
Grill, Terrace, Outdoor seating
No meals served
Additional services:
Wash machine, Iron
Useful information
Property type:
Cottage, ID 5424
Property in working order:
from 15:00 until 20:00
from 07:00 until 10:00
Parking options:
2 parking places - Near the property
Does the owner live in property?
NO, owner is not available in the property during your stay
Pet friendly:
Is this accommodation fenced?
YES, the accommodation is fenced
It this accommodation disabled accessible?
NO, the object has no disabled access
Central, Electrical, Under floor heating
Is smoking allowed there?
NO, smoking is not allowed
T-Mobile, Orange, O2, 4ka
Additional information
Location of accommodation:
in the village / in the city
Sports and other activities in the area within 15 km:
Billiard, Bowling, Cycling / Biking, Fitness center, Football field, Golf, Horseback riding, Rollerskating, Skating on ice, Indoor swimming pool, Massage, Mini golf, Outdoor swimming pool, Fishing, Sauna, Solarium, Table tennis, Tennis, Thermal pools, Hiking, Wellness
Accommondation suitable for:
for tourists, for workers, for four, for businessmen, for groups
Accommondation suitable for:
for a winter break, for a spring break, wellness stays, weekend stays, short-term accommodation, summer holiday, long term accommodation
Contacts to the owner
Contact person:
René Nemeš
The owners / property manager can speak:
Slovak, Czech, Polish, German


Overall rating
Number of ratings: 3
The ratings are given by former visitors of the object:
Jenny home

Staff / Landlord
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Value for money
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sk Denisa Budinaka (Family with little children)
Rated on: 29/06/2019
Domcek je krasny, vyborne vybaveny s peknou zahradkou, ktoru si uzil najviac nas syn. Rodicia si uzili oddych pri grile :)
Uz dokonale vybavenie by sa mozno dalo troska vylepsit o nejake aktivity pre deti, hracky ci zakladne spolocenske hry. Inak vsetko top!
cz Ivica Ištvanović (Family with little children)
Date of visit: 16/03/2019 - 16/03/2019 Rated on: 16/03/2019
Nadherny dum, cisto, vonavo, v zime teploucko
Nic, vse absolutne dokonale
cz Ivica Ištvanović (Family with little children)
Rated on: 16/03/2019
Rodinny dum plne vybaven, pocit jako ve vlastnim dome akorat o 250km dal. Super lokalta, uzasny klid a priroda, v zime krasne vyhraty cely dum, pro dite antistresujici prostredi, pocit domova a velke prostory. Vse funkcni na 100%, kuchyn max. vybavena, 2x zachod, vana a sprcha, pracka, mycka atd. Termaly 5min. Cena za ubytovani zanedbatelna. Vracime se sem znovu a znovu. Doporucujeme vsem znamim.
Neni co, vse je dokonale!!!!!!!
Answer of the owner of the object
Velmi Vam dakujeme a sme radi,ze ste sa u nas cítili ako doma.Radi Vas znovu uvítame.Pekny víkend!


Jenny home belongs to regions: Dolná Nitra, Ponitrie, Západné Slovensko
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Na Foláši 1425
951 15

Longitude: 18.0684
Latitude: 48.2045

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